Are we finally getting out?











After a year of being locked in... are we finally getting out. This is the million dollar question... everyone everywhere throughout the US... seems to be asking.  For over a year now... we have been hoping for the day we could get a... Get Out of Jail Free card.  Getting out of this pandemic... getting out of our house... getting out of the stringent restrictions... basically just getting out of this entire crazy situation.

Finally... after months and months of uncertainty about our future... things seem to be normalizing... and the prison gates are finally being unlocked... so we can get out.  However the question remains… where do we go from here. The reality is that for many of us... COVID was not the singular reason we were all locked in... so to speak.
I am the perfect example of this... and possibly you can identify with what I am saying. When I look back at my life years ago... it always seemed like I was trying to get out of something... that locked in feeling ...of being squashed and restrained... you know what I am talking about. 

For me... getting out of high school to go to college.  Geting out of then... Communist Poland where I was born to find the Land of the Free... America.  Getting out of a relationship to find someone who could possibly be a better match. Getting out of one job to pursue another... or even a better and different career.
I finally realized... after years of trying to... get out... that I was simply chasing something that I really did not have to escape from. Sure... I had a lot of challenges... as well as a lot of fun... fervently trying to unlock the door of my present...  to venture to a new future. But there was also a lot of stress and pressure as well as exhaustion with all of this... in trying to escape the prison of my consciousness and imagination.

I guess my psyche was just constantly chasing my ultimate happiness of peace... love... calm... and joy... as I like to say.  And when I finally recognized and appreciated this chase to unlock a certain situation to get out... and find something else... I could be at ultimate peace.  Because I guess I was simply trying to get out... and escape from myself.
And that is what inspired me to paint this work "Getting Out."  So I hope that as we all are getting out of this strange pandemic... slowly but surely... your life evolves to the next fun adventure.  And yes, let’s celebrate “Getting out”