Are you a change agent?

Change… we hear that change is good, change is inevitable, change is in the air… and Sheryl Crow sings “A Change Will Do You Good”… However, with that said Billy Joel also sings “Don’t go changing… I love you just the way you are”… so which is it? Is change a good thing or is change overrated? We are all faced with this question at some point or several times throughout our lives… should we change careers, should we change places of residence, or even should we change our life partners and people we love… these are the Million dollar questions that we all have to answer.

Conventional wisdom tells us we should always be striving for a better job because that means more money and a better quality of life. That same conventional wisdom often tells us that we shouldn’t be living in an apartment if we can change to a condo and we shouldn’t be living in a condo when we can change to a house…. And even still… this wisdom can have us changing husbands or wives like some people change shoes if that means that there is a better happiness out there for us.

Now… let’s examine the same ideology from a little different perspective. Some people stay at the same job for their entire lives… and it is not because they are too familiar or too comfortable or too lazy. Sometimes the perfect career can simply mean that you make enough money to be happy, you have good benefits like the 401K and the health insurance and your work is rewarding and there is no need for change.

And with regards to where you live… possibly your first home could be your last home because it is a perfect house you always wanted with a perfect garden, a perfect view, a perfect floor plan, perfect neighbors and a perfect community… And with regards to people…  it is certainly not unheard of to find that special someone early on in life and have that special someone to become your perfect partner for the rest of your life… because quite possibly that person knows how to make you laugh, is there for you when you cry… and as cliché as it sounds, is there for you during the good and the bad, and loves you unconditionally. 

Now, if life were just that simple and these issues of change were an all or nothing equation. Unfortunately, when talking about change, it is never that simple. Quite possibly the truth about change is somewhere in the middle here. The question is, can you be a change agent… can you affect change for yourself and for others and still be happy not changing at all?


~ Kamila