Celebrating This Weekend



Matze… matze ball soup… chocolate bunnies… colored eggs… what a great way to begin the spring season and new hope for the remainder of the year… of course I am talking about two of my favorite holidays… Passover and Easter… I can’t say I am the most religious person in the world… however, as I get older I seem to feel a strong connection and a bond to the various holidays and what they represent. I have been blessed to have such amazing Jewish friends who so warmly opened their hearts to me at Passover and taught me all about the traditions of this joyous and sacred holiday. And I also have great Christian friends and family members who always help me connect with my Catholic roots that I foundly remember being such an integral part of my childhood years in Poland… particularly with my beloved Mom and her devotion to Good Friday and Easter. So as we celebrate this Holly Week that so many of us observe around the world, I just wanted to share with you my most sincere best wishes this weekend


~ Kamila