Daily Pilot/LA Times article

Over this past year... as I've said farewell to the investment industry... and have been immersing myself in my new art business...  I realized so many things about myself... about my career... about life. Sure... I was making a lot of money in my former career and traveling the world... meeting so many smart and interesting people and going to so many different places... and trying to constantly make deals happen.

I had a lot of success... and yet... I was ready to move on to the next stage in my life. The hope within myself was that I could find success doing something that was already my passion... and also impact people on a more personal level through my paintings.

With that said... my art has taken me to so many different places. New places that introduce me to different people with all different stories and journeys that have affected my life. For example... the idea of hope and openness became even more apparent as I was creating the artwork inspired by the cancer journey of patient Cindy Brown... whom I met through the City of Hope project in which I was involved.

Just the other day... Cindy and I met with LA Times Daily Pilot reporter Eric Licas to... of all things discuss... openness and hope... in this case having hope... and being open to new possibilities of how Cindy’s attitude towards her incurable cancer inspired me to make the painting. The reporter captured what both Cindy and I hoped to convey... a message of peace... calm... love... and joy. And yes... certainly hope and openness.

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