From Great White Out to Tropical Escape


The image of Texas buried in snow during the last couple of weeks was tragic. The devastation and destruction is almost beyond belief... especially for Texas which once in a generation gets a snow storm like this.  Those heartbreaking images make us all realize how lucky we are for the simple things in life.  However, from this tragedy is born a new hope and happiness.

This tough Texas winter provided me the inspiration to delve into my painting creativity. When I witnessed the images of this heart breaking storm on the news... I knew I had to do something with my brushes and my canvases that could bring joy to both me and some of those stuck at home in the cold weather or those who are simply going through some tough times for one reason or another. So in paying homage to the great and brave people of the Lone Star State.... here is my painting on canvas "The Great White Out". 

For me... this piece of art signifies that while a great white out is a serious situation... this extreme weather condition eventually melts away and te sun shines again. And thus my inspiration for these next two pieces of art I have just recently painted: Paradise Imagination and Tropical Escape:



Stay warm wherever you are!

P.S. I just learned that it was 72 degrees in Texas today 🙂