Hot Pink Summer Confession

I have a confession of sorts… hot pink is my favorite summer color. I am addicted to anything and everything pink. I am sure this love affair must be rooted in my teenage years in Poland where my summers were filled with pink.  Pink lemonade... pink cotton candy... pink watermelon... pink raspberries… a hot pink summer everywhere in my home city of Gdansk. So now… for my other confession, I should probably tell you I have another addition and that is dancing. Ever since I was young, I was a dancer and spent my summers at dance camp which eventually led to dance competitions in Poland and other Eastern European countries.
And shock the world… guess what color my dance dress was? So in my pink costumes I danced the waltz, tango, samba, cha cha cha, paso doble and several other dances to my heart’s content. And now, many years later I still am addicted to pink and dancing.