How do you envision this year?

Every January I like to pick a word that symbolizes the new year for me… This is the word that has a special meaning and this year that word is “Simplicity”…  These two paintings show different interpretations of simplicity. Simplicity can be minimalistic or complex. The first painting does not need any explanation. It is clearly a simple painting with a plain design and only two colors being used in the artwork.
The second painting looks complex, almost chaotic you could say… but the story behind it is really very simple. For me "simplicity" reminds me of my childhood when the days were long and life was worry free, no matter what was going on in the big world.

Every year I was patiently waiting for the summer when St. Dominick’s Fair made its way to our beautiful, old historic city of Gdansk in coastal Poland where I spent my childhood years.There were vendors from all over the country and street theatres as well as music and dancing on every street corner… and possibly there were treats… treats for kids like me. Especially my favorite one which was cotton candy. I don’t know what it is about cotton candy that gives it a universal appeal – is it the look, the fluffy texture or the sweet taste… but if you show cotton candy to any child across the globe, you will get a big happy smile… so this painting is my rendition of cotton candy – a tribute to simple treats and to simple life.

Let me know how you define simplicity and what story in your life represents simplicity to you smiley

- Kamila