Speaking from the heart

In this new era of political correctness... we all seem to be hypervigilant about what we say or do not say... We are all guilty every now and then of saying the wrong thing… and even with the best of intentions… and with no malice whatsoever something we say could seem critical or offensive or insincere or unsympathetic or misinterpreted. And whether on social media… or speaking to a parent, a spouse, a best friend, a sister or brother, innocent words can hurt the ones we love.

I find that true love is simply speaking from the heart and for this reason… I am introducing my “Speaking from the Heart” collection which I am launching next week. These heart paintings on paper have been created in the last few months with all different textures, colors, styles and paints. Stay tuned for my Instagram LIVE show announcement and the pre-show unveiling of the collection in the next few days.

Until then, have a great day and talk to you soon 🙂.